Conveyancing Services

Your Trusted Partner in Residential and Commercial Property Transfers

Gawula Inc. is a renowned property law firm that specialises in day-to-day conveyancing and property development. As a property law specialist, Gawula Inc. offers clients a depth of expertise and knowledge not readily available elsewhere.

Our highly experienced team is committed to providing unparalleled levels of service, and we look forward to building a lasting and trusted relationship with you.

The property conveyancing process seems daunting and complicated, particularly to those new to home buying or selling. We’ve simplified the process for you below so that you’ll understand exactly what’s happening at each stage of your transfer, and what’s coming next! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly talk you through it.

N. Gawula Inc. is a boutique of specialised legal services.

We are a client oriented legal firm whose services and solutions are tailor-made for every challenge/need our clients require. At Gawula Inc. we not only treat every client differently; but we provide distinct multiple solutions to separate individual client’s legal challenges.

The afore stated factors are what makes and separates Gawula Inc. from the widely available legal firms.

Imprint a broad legal footnote of justice that’s impartial and equitable for all.

Establish a reputable professional legal firm adaptable to diverse environments.

What to Expect

Sale Agreement

The Buyer & Seller sign the Sale Agreement

Bond Approval
Transfer and bond registration

The relevant Conveyancing Attorneys are instructed to carry out the transfer and bond registration.

Title Deeds and Cancellation
Sale Agreement 

The deal only proceeds when the suspensive conditions in the Sale Agreement are met (such as the sale of an existing property).

Signatures & Payments

Once all conditions have been met, the transfer and bond documents are drafted by the relevant Attorneys. The Buyer & Seller sign the respective transfer documents. The Buyer signs the bond documents.

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