Legal Services

N. Gawula Inc. is a boutique of specialised legal services. We are not a “Jack of all Trades” walk-in pop shop, but rather a “a superior, quality legal advisory services” provider.

The firm operates in association with a dynamic group of attorneys, supported by candidate attorneys as well as competent administrative staff. We pride ourselves for providing excellent service and comprehensive, in-depth legal advice to the public and the private sector. We consider ourselves as a ‘specialised legal services provider’. Matters are not randomly allocated according to an individual/or professional’s availability; rather each matter is assigned according to the professional’s track-record in related matters/fields.

N. Gawula Inc. is a boutique of specialised legal services.

Our commitment to our clients

We are a client oriented legal firm whose services and solutions are tailor-made for every challenge/need our clients require. At Gawula Inc. we not only treat every client differently; but we provide distinct multiple solutions to separate individual client’s legal challenges.

The afore stated factors are what makes and separates Gawula Inc. from the widely available legal firms.

Imprint a broad legal footnote of justice that’s impartial and equitable for all.

Establish a reputable professional legal firm adaptable to diverse environments.

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